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River Cleanup! We need your help!

In preparation for the coming Easter Egg Hunt the River Care Committee (currently, Larry C) is organizing a neighborhood-wide effort to collect all the trash and debris that litters our stretch of the river. Everyone please arrive at the River around 9:00 on Saturday March 31st. Refreshments will be provided.


It’s our goal to provide a comprehensive history of the River Road Neighborhood. There are many people who possess unique personal histories of each house and street. Over time we hope to accumulate these so the collective history of where we live will not be lost. If you have information or would like to help in this effort, please contact Nell Grover.


The 2007 Committees are a direct reflection of ongoing neighborhood and city-wide issues that affect both quality of life and safety within our community:

  • River Care
      A masterplan for park along River Road
      Tree and shrub selection and planting
      River Cleanup and maintenance
      River water quality issues
  • Chairperson: Larry Clark
    Members: No Current Members

  • Traffic
      St. Mary’s neighborhood entrance
      Traffic study implementation
      River Road cut-thru problem – redefine intersection at small bridge
      Overseeing the city’s maintenance of sidewalks and streets
      Accessibility and Safety on all vehicular and pedestrian pathes
  • Chairperson: No Current Chair
    Members: No Current Members

  • Drainage – Revision to the 100 year flood plain maps & associated insurance and land development issues.
    Chairperson:: Roy Schweers;
    Members:Richard Reed, Barbara Witte-Howell, Eugene Simor and Becky Galvan (if all listed after Roy wish to continue serving). We understand there are more of you interested in serving on this all-important committee.
  • Garage – “a Committee of the Board be immediately selected by the Board to appear at City Council and all other City Boards & Commissions to represent the position of the Board and Association. This Committee shall maintain contact with Board Officers and Members and shall attend all required events relating to this matter in Brackenridge Park lands.”
    Chairperson:: Kyle Martin;
    Members: Barbara Witte-Howell, Larry DeMartino, Chris Green, Sally Boothe-Meredith
  • Events – Easter egg hunt, 4th of July Celebration, Movie Nights, Pre-Yard Sale Party, Yard Sale, Post-Yard Sale Entertainment, and Christmas Party
    Chairperson: Kyle Martin
    Members: No Current Members
  • Communications – Keeping the ‘hood informed.
    Chairperson: Nell Grover – emails
    Members:Sally Meredith – quarterly newsletter & history, Kyle Martin – website

Additional Boards, Committees, & Entities on which the RRNA board has appointed members, or is affiliated with:

  • Neighborhood Conservation District See NCD tab at top of page.
  • Kings Court Housing – to which board the RRNA has a representative (along with Monte Vista, Tobin Hill and Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church.
    Chairperson:: Bob Buchanan
    Members:: Larry DeMartino
  • River Oversight – City of San Antonio’s River Oversight Committee
    Representative:Nate Campbell, alt. Kyle Martin

We encourage all who are interested in helping out on a committee that interests them to please let us know — either at the meeting or by phone or email.


River Road’s 11 Board Members for 2008

Richard Reed, Chairman
Term on Board 2008-2011

Mimi Quintanilla, Vice-Chair
Term on Board 2007-2010
150 Ostrom

Anne Larme, Secretary
Term on Board 2007-2010
850 E. Magnolia Ave.

Nell Fenner Grover
Term on Board 2006-2009
834 E. Magnolia Ave.

Larry DeMartino
Term on Board 2006-2009
115 Armour Place

Sally Boothe-Meredith
Term on Board 2007-2010
853 E. Magnolia Ave.

Larry Clark
Term on Board 2007-2010
121 Magnolia Drive

Augie Cortez, Business Rep.
Term on Board 2007-2010
Augie’s Barbed Wire Smokehouse
3709 N. St. Mary’s St.

Lea Brogan
Term on Board 2008-2011
Magnolia Drive

Bill Sibley
Term on Board 2008-2011
E. Craig

Michael Sullivan
Term on Board 2008-2011
842 E. Magnolia

Note:Email addresses are masked for spam purposes. If you’re having trouble sending the board members an email, just leave a comment below and it will be forwarded to them.