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Due to the raging debate occurring via a stream of mass emails, perhaps some additional information about the Brackenridge parking garage will help shed some light on things. Before delving into this subject further, it’s important to note that a vote was taken at our March 7, 2004 Annual Meeting to oppose “any form of privatization of Park Land”. There has been no specific vote by the board or the general membership on this parking garage or the Witte Masterplan. UPDATE: THERE HAVE BEEN A LONG STRING OF ACTIONS BY THE BOARD ADDRESSING DEVELOPMENT ISSUES IN THE BRACKENRIDGE AREA – SEE THE ARTICLE HERE.

The following information was pulled from the Witte Bond Presentation given in December 2006:

While the city grew from about 200,000 citizens in 1926 to 1.2 million in 2006,
the Witte has had the same 75 parking spaces. Currently the Witte serves about 210,000 visitors annually – of those, 40,000 are free and about 89,000 are school children.

Brackenridge Park Parking Facility will be Multimodal Facility

  • Avenue B Hike and Bike Trail
  • Bike Station (MPO) and Bike Rentals
  • Brackenridge Miniature Railroad Stop
  • Brackenridge Park/Witte Museum visitors
  • Future Tram Stop for Witte/Botanical/Zoo
  • Park Bike Patrol Substation

Tree related issues:

  • Trees displaced by Parking Facility will be reforested on current Nursery site
  • Trees displaced are predominantly Cedar Elms
  • Large Oaks will be saved by configuration of the Parking Facility
  • Parking Facility will be tucked into the tree canopy to minimize visual impact

The new parking structure will park 342 vehicles.

Additional Info:

A San Antonio Express News article was published on 05/24/07, you can read it here.

A Manchester Guardian article was published on 05/25/07, you can read it here.. has posted an article (probably sometime in May 2007) which you can see here here..

A second San Antonio Express News article was published on 05/31/07, you can read it here (or download it here). Several highlights from the article:

  • “By unanimously adopting the proposal, the City Council set the stage for the Witte’s planned $40 million expansion, set to begin next year. Under the agreement, the city will extend the Witte’s lease for two 25-year periods once the current lease expires in 2022.”
  • “The council didn’t address an issue that has drawn the ire of the nearby River Road Neighborhood Association — construction of a multi-story parking garage that members of the group said would require cutting down several hundred park trees.”
  • Opponents, including Larry DeMartino, a River Road Neighborhood Association board member, urged that alternative parking sites be considered. He noted that parking could be expanded across Broadway from the museum, where he said ample parking spaces could be developed without damaging trees.”
  • “Broadway is a major thoroughfare, and it’s just too dangerous for wheelchairs, baby strollers and families to cross such a busy, heavy street,” she said. “That just would not work.”
  • “McDermott noted the city would undertake a series of studies and tree analyses before determining where to locate the garage with a minimum of impact.”
  • “Although the museum is owned by the city and run by the San Antonio Museum Association, McDermott said the parking garage would be a city project that would be located outside the museum’s campus.”

Note: We will be collecting information on this project as it becomes available and adding it to this post. It’s the goal of this post (article) to only state the facts about the project and reference related resources, not to weigh in with an opinion. If you wish to share your opinion, I’m sure the neighborhood would love to hear it, please click on this post’s title and leave your comment at the bottom. If you feel any information is opinionated or inaccurate, please email me at .

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