Articles of Incorporation, Significant Actions & Their History

The following three files were submitted by Chris Green & Larry DeMartino pertaining to the Brackenridge parking garage issue. The first file contains the original Articles of Incorporation from 1977, where the Association lays out it’s non-profit status, purpose, etc. The second file contains Chris’ “composite of significant actions” taken by the RRNA over the years which may pertain to the proposed garage. And the third file lays those actions out in a timeline (which I’ve included in this article below).


Brief history of selected actions by
River Road Neighborhood Association
pertaining to Brackenridge Park


1. The RRNA was formed expressly for the purpose of stopping the widening of Mulberry through Brackridge Park as a four-lane divided roadway. When halted, while under construction, the following changes were made:

  • Mulberry was removed from the SABCUTS status as a major throughfare and downgraded to a park road as it had always been.
  • The bridge over Catalpa-Pershing drainage was narrowed to 1-lane, each way, and the bridge over the S.A. River was removed from the contract.
  • Mulberry was left at its current width and left uncurbed.
  • The savings of several hundred thousand dollars was used to plant trees along the Catalpa-Pershing drainage channel and in the golf course.


2. RRNA, unsatisfied with the lack of public participation in the preparation of the Brackenridge Park Master Plan prevailed upon the City Manager to form the B.P. Master Plan Advisory Committee. Arthur “Hap” Veltman, Chair of RRNA, was elected committee chairman and Larry DeMartino of the City Fine Arts Commission, its vice-chairman. The committee met eight times and its report, approved by RRNA, is included in the park master plan document pp 56-59.

1980’s & 1990’s

3. RRNA petitions the CSA (City of San Antonio) to close low-water crossing at Woodlawn and erect cedar bollards along River Road.

4. RRNA files suit against South Texas Sports in effort to protect Brackenridge Park against incursions from a professional sports team’s use of Alamo Stadium. RRNA prevails in the Supreme Court of Texas.

5. RRNA prevails at City Council to stop the leasing of park land to developers for the construction of condos along Hildebrandt.

6. RRNA & San Antonio Conservation Society stop expansion of parking between Witte Museum & Broadway due to the large number of trees in the area.


7. RRRNA prevails in effort to cease privatization efforts by the CSA for the Sunken Gardens & Sunken Gardens Theater.

8. RRNA succeeds in a 20-year effort to remove Park consessionair, Phil Sheridan from the park and endorses the SA Zoo as the operator of the Brackenridge Eagle.

9. RRNA requests the CSA undertake a traffic study of the Park. At a cost of $50,000 the River Road/Brackenridge Park Area Access and Circulation Study is completed by Wilber Smith Associates. The study on page 4-3 identified 714 parking spaces within a ¼ mile walking distance of the Witte, should the City proceed with its current plan to construct a 250-car lot upon the site of the City Plant Nursery. The study requested a tree inventory be undertaken. (The Tree Survey shows the need to remove almost 200 trees to accommodate the Witte garage.) All this is a far cry from the Witte’s claim of 79 parking spaces.

10. RRNA & San Antonio Conservation Society discuss plant nursery parking lot with Councilman Schubert and Witte Museum asking that drawings for lot by Saldana and Associates accommodate “pervious parking materials.”


  1. RRNA requests CSA to remove toxic chemicals from golf course mainance facility due to potential pollution of SA River.
  2. RRNA requests SAWS to remove piping on Brackenridge Golf Course that was delivering contaminated drinking water to River Road residents.
  3. RRNA requests, and obtains, removal of park trail along stables property before it became street access for future stables site development.
  4. RRNA requests, and obtains, removal of “industrial“ zoning adjacent to the Park. (Stables property)
  5. RRNA request, and obtains, the removal of power lines along Mulberry – they are subsequently buried.
  6. RRNA undertakes tree planting in Davis Park, along 281, and the SA River and within the Neighborhood.

Thanks for compiling all this information for us Chris & Larry.

Download the Files: Articles of Incorporation, Composite of Significant Actions, & the Timeline .

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