Witte Master Plan Meeting for River Road

Our River Road Neighborhood Association chairman, Roy Schweers, received the attached invitation from the Witte Museum. This meeting will give everyone interested in the museum’s Master Plan expansion and the city’s proposed garage in Brackenridge Park, across Tuleta from the museum, an opportunity to learn exactly what’s being planned.


Now that River Road residents will have a chance to see the Witte & City’s plans first hand, perhaps we can use this site to compile a list of concerns and questions that will help everyone better understand what the future holds for Brackenridge Park.

  • What other sites have been considered for additional parking spaces?
  • How many parking spaces are currently considered museum parking spaces?
  • What percentage of Witte expansion or garage will be under private ownership or control?
  • Has the final location or size of the garage been determined?
  • Exactly how many cars will the current design hold? What will be it’s footprint?
  • What percentage of the garage will be on virgin land vs. the old city nursery?
  • Where will the city funds to pay for the garage come from? Bond? Other?
  • How many trees will be cut down? Relocated?
  • How close will the structure be to any historic (+300yr) trees?

If there are any questions you would like to ask, please leave them in the comments below.

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