Spay or Neuter Your Pet This Friday


Please let people know that the Snap van will be at Lions Field on Friday. They open at 7:30 AM. They offer free or low cost Spay-Neuter clinics for animals at least 4 months old. No food or water after 10 PM. For more informaion call 673-7722 or web site Rita, from The Little Aussie Bakery, said that each household in our neighborhood qualifies for one free “de-sexing” per home. Please let everyone know. We have a lot of un-fixed pets. Or maybe adopt a feral cat for the day and help reduce the wild cat population.

Compliments of Terri Gorler

We would like to compile a list of locations and prices for Spay & Neutering Services. If you know of a place, please comment below. Thanks.

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