Board Opposes Garage – and other June Highlights

The following motion was put forth by Larry DeMartino:

That the River Road Neighborhood Association Board opposes the proposed parking garage at Tuleta Drive and Avenue “B” also that a Committee of the Board be immediately selected by the Board to appear at City Council and all other City Boards & Commissions to represent the position of the Board and Association. This Committee shall maintain contact with Board Officers and Members and shall attend all required events relating to this matter in Brackenridge Park lands.

This motion was unanimously approved by all board members present (3 board members were absent, and 2 recused themselves of both discussion and vote.)

Highlights from the Meeting:

  • Hector Gonzales was made official Parliamentarian for the Meeting
  • The representative from Via was not able to attend
  • The board elected to limit board member statements to 5 minutes and audience statements to 3 minutes.
  • The Garage Committee was formed to convey the board’s decision, to track of the project’s progress, and to report back to the board regularly.
  • The neighborhood desperately needs someone to organize the 4th of July festivities
  • Chris Green has created a master “index” of the RRNA archives. Copies of this index will be given to the current Secretary, President, and published on the website.
  • Chairperson of the Neighborhood Conservation District, Barbara Witte-Howell reported that the current the neighborhood has the choice of pursuing the current NCD plans or drafting new ones. There will be someone from the city to speak on this at the next meeting.

The Garage Committee is in the process of drafting a letter to all responsible and affected entities involved with the Brackenridge garage.  The RRNA Board will review this letter before it is distributed early next week.

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