June Meeting Minutes

RRNA June Meeting Minutes



Board of Directors Regular Monthly Meeting

June 21, 2007


The regular monthly meeting of the River Road Neighborhood Association Board of Directors was held on Thursday, June 21, 2007, the Chair and Secretary being present.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM. A quorum was present. See Exhibit A for members present and Exhibit B for guests present. An agenda was distributed (Exhibit C). The minutes of May 17, 2007 were approved as corrected.

Nell Grover moved that Hector Gonzalez serve as Parliamentarian for the meeting. The motion was adopted.

New Business

The Brackenridge Park Parking Garage issue was moved to the top of the agenda as the highest priority item for the evening. Each board member was allowed 5 minutes to state their position, after which the discussion was opened to neighbors/guests in attendance.

See Exhibit F for a written statement of Larry DeMartino’s comments that he requested be entered into the permanent record. See Exhibit G for a “composite of significant actions taken by the Board and the Membership of River Road Neighborhood Association that are relevant to the current Witte expansion and proposed construction of a Parking Garage,” compiled by Chris Green and handed out to all in attendance. City Councilperson Cisneros’ representative Byron Gibson encouraged neighbors to contact them with concerns at 207-7112 or byrongibson@sanantonio.gov or district1@sanantonio.gov.

After a lengthy discussion, Larry DeMartino moved:

“That the River Road Neighborhood Association Board opposes the proposed parking garage at Tuleta Drive and Avenue B; also that a Member of the Board be immediately selected by the Board to appear at City Council and all other City Boards and Commissions to represent the position of the Board and Association. This representative shall maintain contact with Board Officers and Members and shall attend all required events relating to this matter in Brackenridge Park lands.”

Nell Grover moved to amend the motion by replacing “Member of the Board” with “Committee of the Board” and replacing “this representative” with “this Committee.” See Exhibit E for the final wording of the motion. After some discussion, the motion and the amendment were adopted without opposition. R. Schweers and N. Campbell abstained.

The committee was formed immediately, with volunteers being Kyle Martin, Larry DeMartino, Chris Green, Barbara Witte-Howell, and Sally Boothe-Meredith.

Committee Reports

River Care – No report.

Traffic – A letter will be written to SAWS to request that SAWS traffic remain on the access road.

Drainage – We are waiting for the FEMA maps to come out.

Events – An organizer is needed for the 4th of July event. No one volunteered, but an attempt will be made to recruit someone after the meeting.

Communications – A summary of the Board meeting will be posted on the website by Kyle Martin immediately after the meeting. It was agreed that the minutes should be posted only after they are officially approved by the Board.

Treasurer’s Report

Louisa Dulaney reported a balance of $2,286.00 as of 6/20/07 (Exhibit D). She will be making our State of Texas Non-Profit payment and filing fee. Dulaney also reported that Michael Marchbanks is helping to create a spreadsheet to record membership and dues payment.

SAFFE Officer Report

Officer Olivares brought registration forms for National Night Out. Neighbors reported to him that a bike had been stolen on E.Magnolia Ave.

Old Business

RRNA Archives – It was agreed that the RRNA paper archives, dating back to the 1970s and consisting of numerous looseleaf binders, will be held at the home of Chris Green/Larry DeMartino. They will be available for anyone who wants to consult them. Chris has compiled an index and will give one copy to the Secretary, and another to Kyle Martin to post on the website. A question about electronic archives was tabled for a future meeting.

Neighborhood Conservation District – Boo Witte-Howell reported that if we want to change our NCD application we have to get in a queue and it would take one year. She noted that Mimi Quintanilla thinks we need to start over and develop tougher standards than previously, based on other neighborhoods’ experience. Boo suggested we bring the City NCD person in to speak at next month’s meeting to help us decide. She offered to organize this.


Mr. Brinones, who lives on Lindell and Woodlawn, volunteered to take care of the Woodlawn Circle landscaping. He also noted that the shrubs on the curve of River Rd. need to be trimmed for safety purposes. (Roy Schweers will talk to Richard Reed.) Kyle Martin offered to organize a clean-up of Dewberry, along with Mimi Quintanilla. Boo Witte-Howell will ask David Schmidt about cleaning up the sidewalk/hedge near 281. All of this clean-up will help with the homeless problem in the neighborhood.

Sally Boothe-Meredith volunteered to record the minutes in July, as the Secretary will be out of town.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Anne C. Larme, Secretary

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