City Council Approves $400K for Garage

The City Council voted unanimously to approve the $400,000 for designing the Brackenridge Park parking garage.

Our neighbors Blanquita Sullivan, Marilyn Lanfear and Jim Cullum spoke on behalf of the neighborhood. Chris Green made personal comments which were supportive of the Board position. Larry DeMartino commented on behalf of the Citizens Tree Coalition.

The neighborhood association has officially issued it’s statement, you can read it here – RRNA Official Garage Statement

A statement was drafted by Larry DeMartino which was read by Blanquita Sullivan, you can read it here – DeMartino-Sullivan Statement

Information published on as it was listed on the City Council’s docket – Council Document on Garage Decision

UPDATE: Click here to download the 16 page contract between the Witte Museum and the City of San Antonio.

The RRNA Garage Committee will not only be following this issue closely, but we will be meeting with the Mayor and City Council on what the neighborhood feels is the best long term solution for the city.

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