July RRNA & NCD Meeting Highlights

The meeting kicked off at 7:00 with Barbara Witte-Howell leading the recently re-formed Neighborhood Conservation District committee. Members of the committee attending were Cliff & Bebe Waller, Chris Green, John Larcade, & Clifton McNeel. Several other members of the committee were not present. Barbara introduced Anne McGlone the San Antonio’s Historic Preservation Officer. Ann made the following points:

  • River Road(RR) originally applied for a Neighborhood Conservation District(NCD) in 2001
  • RR already has an NCD plan which is very far along in the process of being approved as an ordinance.
  • The current NCD plan (with some very minor revisions) could be in place by Spring 2008.
  • If RR chooses to pursue becoming a Historic District, it will probably take around 5 years to be in place.
  • HDs cause a 20% value increase in property, so owners of a home at the time a district is put in place will recieve a 20% tax break (city only) over 15 years. That break is non-transferable to new owners.
  • HDs are very broad in their power. “Not appropriate to the neighborhood” can cover anything the review board chooses or a neighbor contests.
  • NCDs are very literal. All limitations must be written into the ordinance. Anything not included, can not be contested.
  • HD have a No Demolition Clause. NCDs can not control what is torn down, only what is rebuilt in it’s place.

The NCD Committee will meet again on August 2nd at Lion’s Field at 7:00.

RRNA Board Meeting commenced at 7:45.

  • River & Park Care – Richard Reed mentioned the fact that the city is willing to replace the two hackberries which were chopped down earlier this year along River Road. Unfortunately, because the city’s mechanical spade can not get into the neighborhood to to it’s height, the neighborhood will have to settle for smaller trees and potentially dig the holes ourselves.
  • River & Park Care – The poor sidewalk situation along Mulberry between St. Mary’s and Red Oak (in the park) was discussed. Barbara mentioned that the condo development has promised to put in a sidewalk between the two horse fences – if the city has not put in a sidewalk by that time. A Transportation and Infrastructure meeting will be held on August 25th 9am-12pm at Tripoint 3233 N. St Marys (the old Alberson’s).
  • Drainage – Roy Schweers reported that only topography and river sections would be released to the public before the official FEMA meetings. So those could be collected and reviewed, but not contested until later.
  • Events – Thanks to Blanquita for all her effort in coordinating the 4th of July activities. The neighborhood will take part in National Night Out on August 7th. Roy Schweers will be organizing this event and coordinating it with movie night.
  • Communications – Everyone thanked Nell for her efforts at keeping the neighborhood informed about the recent crimes.
  • Brackenridge Garage – City Council unanimously approved $400,000 for site and design studies. Council Agenda item #74 & the contract between the City and Witte are posted on website.
  • SAFFE Office Olivares reported that several individuals have been arrested in association with the recent RR crimes. He has recovered blue men’s mountain bike. He informed everyone to continue what we’re doing. Walk the streets, talk to everyone, call in any suspicious people or vehicles. He also informed everyone to engrave their drivers license number next to the serial number on any object worth stealing.

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