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Highlights from August RRNA Meeting (Yes, we did have one!)

There were 9 people in attendance for the very wet August Board meeting.

  • The Board elected to break tradition and hold the Annual Front Porch Sale & Fair on the first weekend of October (6th & 7th). It is everyone’s hope that the three day weekend (Columbus Day on the 8th) will bring out more shoppers and allow everyone to clean up and have a break before returning to work on Tuesday.
  • It was agreed that we would hold an after-party on Sunday afternoon. Venue & food to be determined.
  • The goal this year is to make this tradition feel more like a fair than a giant Yard Sale, so any advice, input, or vendors you can recommend would be welcomed. Kyle Martin is the event coordinator.
  • Barbara Witte-Howell recommended that the Board write a letter thanking Tom Windorf & City Public Works for their careful management of the river level during the 45 day stretch of rain.
  • A History Committee will be formed to collect information about our neighborhood. Richard Reed, Anne Larme & Nell Grover are the current members. And they’re looking for volunteers and information!
  • Clear Channel Outdoor currently in the process of getting approval to replace the two standard billboards with Digital Billboards at the intersection of St. Mary’s & 281. The City will make this decision before the next RRNA Board Meeting. Larry Clark, Mimi Quintenilla, & Kyle Martin agreed to pursue the issue.
  • The Municipal Golf Association-San Antonio is about to spend +$3 million on the renovation of Brackenridge Golf Course. Naturally, the RRNA has a vested interest in the actions and designs put forth by the MGA-SA. At present, there is no mechanism for direct neighborhood input or oversight. It is the goal of the RRNA to make sure this renovation is beneficial for both the neighborhood and Brackenridge Park. Barbara Witte-Howell, Kyle Martin & Roy Schweers will be pursuing the issue.
  • The Army Corp of Engineers has withdrawn it’s funding to improve the Catalpa-Pershing Ditch segment of the River North Masterplan. Improvements will most likely not occur before 2012. Because of this setback, alternate bike routes through and around our neighborhood will need to be developed. Larry Clark brought these routes to the board’s attention for possible discussion at the next meeting.
  • No committee updates other than the drainage committee will probably meet again in the near future.
  • Everyone agreed National Night Out was a huge success. The information collected at National Night Out will be used to create a neighborhood directory.

Annual Front Porch Sale & Fair

The Annual Front Porch Sale & Fair will be held on October 6th & 7th this year. Please see the list below for YOUR opportunity to volunteer!!

As always, Sale Permits are free to RRNA members. Someone will be coming around on Saturday and Sunday morning to collect the $5 due. (OOPS my mistake. Haven’t done this enough times.)

UPDATE: Permits will be $20 for those River Roaders who have already paid their RRNA dues. Permits will be $25 for those who have not paid their dues.

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