August Board Meeting Agenda

River Road Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting Agenda

Lions Field Club House


  • 7:00 Welcome and Introductions including Via Transit
  • 7:05 Special Guest Speaker- Via Transit representative
  • – Via Transit presentation regarding bus and other transportation services in our area.
  • – Comments and questions from board and neighborhood for Via improvement.
  • 7:40 Start of regular RRNA Board Meeting
  • -Review and approve minutes of last meeting
  • 7:45 Committee Reports
  • river and park care-
  • traffic- sidewalk on Mulberry
  • drainage-
  • neighborhood annual and special events-
  • communications-
  • treasurer-
  • Special Committee Report- parking garage
  • 8:00 Old Business
  • – Public Works presentation explaining how homeowners will be affected by new flood line continued postponement until September meeting.
  • – National Night Out recap: Recognize people who helped make NNO a successful event. Recognize visitors form outside the neighborhood who attended. Collectively remember oldest, youngest, longest continuous resident
    and newest resident present and award their prizes.
  • 8:15 New Business
  • – Directory. As part of NNO many people signed the neighborhood map with names, addresses and email information. The intention is to publish a directory with this information. Block captains are needed to solicit remaining households who want to participate. Discuss forming a separate Directory committee or place under the communications committee. Determine timeline required to finish this work.
  • – History. After sharing stories and reminiscing the past with our neighbors at NNO many people have expressed an interest in organizing History committee to help document our rich and eclectic heritage. Discuss committee formation and ideas for getting started.
  • – Garage Sale. Determine date for annual garage sale in October.
    Use votes from web site to help determine best date.
    Discuss activities and assign or find volunteers to help organize.
  • 8:40 Other Business
  • 8:45 Announcements
    review conceptual ideas, receive public input and comment on the development of a master plan for MiraFlores
    Wednesday, August 22, 2007 6:30 pm
    San Antonio Botanical Gardens
    Education Center Building
    555 Funston @ North New Braunfels Ave.
    for more information please contact Bill Pennell, Landscape Architect
  • New Farmer’s Market at Pearl Brewery.
    Every Friday the Pearl Brewery hosts a Farmer’s Market from 8 AM-2 PM,
    and offers such items as fresh, locally grown squash, cucumbers, melons, tomatoes, peas, honey, and Stonewall peaches. For more information, call Tri-County Farmers Market Association at (830)
  • 8:50 Adjournment and Room Clean Up

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