Front Porch Sale Reminders

Due to management changes at the city,  someone will come  around and collect $20 from those who have paid RRNA dues and $25 from those who have not. Once we have names and addresses permits will be brought to you  within the morning.

Selling Food?
Don’t forget to get our own permit from CofSA Health Dept!!

Fund Raiser Sale:
Due to the new permit situation, we’re looking or alternative ways to raise money for neighborhood events. Please donate to the RRNA Sale at 850 Magnolia Ave.

After Party!!
Sunday 4:30ish At Armour & River Rd.
Follow the music!

Safety First:
Keep your blinds and curtains closed. Don’t let strangers in your house.  A public port-a-potty will be provided at Armour & River Rd.

Sale or Vendor Questions:
Please Contact:
Kyle Martin – 705-9407
Mimi Quintenilla – 240-9865
Or drop by 850 Magnolia Ave. during the sale.

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