RRNA Meeting Minutes for October

Board of Directors Regular Monthly Meeting
October 18, 2007

The regular monthly meeting of the River Road Neighborhood Association Board of
Directors was held on Thursday, October 18, 2007, the Chair and Secretary being
The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM. A quorum was present. See Exhibit A for
Board members present (Roy Schweers, Mimi Quintanilla, Anne Larme, Louisa Dulaney,
Sally Boothe-Meredith, Nate Campbell, Larry DeMartino, Nell Grover) and Exhibit B for
neighbors/guests present (John Larcade, Mary Kunz, Barbara Witte-Howell, Adam
Greenup, Officer Olivares). See Exhibit C for the meeting agenda.
The minutes of September 20 and October 7, submitted to the Board prior to the meeting
via email, were approved with corrections.

Committee Reports

  • River and Park Care, Traffic, Events, Webpage, History, River Oversight, Parking
  • Garage – No reports
  • Drainage (Schweers) – FEMA maps will be out in mid-November. Schweers has updated our new District 1 contact person on neighborhood issues, and has also requested a new drainage contact person.
  • Discussion: Witte-Howell recommended new City Public Works people to communicate with, Irwin Burden and Mindy Lipman. DeMartino suggested ways to communicate effectively given the new city organization under our new city manager. He suggested we be proactive with Public Works on the proposal to drain water from Alamo Heights into the Catalpa-Pershing ditch, which could have severe consequences for our neighborhood.
  • Neighborhood Conservation District/Historic District (Witte-Howell) – Witte-Howell suggested inviting neighborhoods who have gone through the Historic District process to a forum to discuss their experiences with us. This will help us decide whether to go for NCD or HD status.
  • Communications (Grover) – Emails have been streamlined by using a blind copy for addresses. Quintanilla is adding information collected during the yard sale to the Neighborhood Directory, which is in development.
  • Treasurer’s Report (Dulaney) – The new total will be announced after the yard sale income and costs are tallied.

SAFFE Officer Report (Olivares)

Olivares reported on his continuing efforts to control the homeless population in our area.
He suggests requesting CPS, cable companies, etc. to help us trim vegetation, because if
homeless people have nowhere to hide they will leave. Olivares suggests taking photos
of anything suspicious and emailing them to him. RRNA may not need the Cellular on
Patrol training, as we are doing a good job of monitoring the neighborhood.

  • Discussion: A particular problem area is the Hwy. 281 fence near the golf course, where people are trying to get into homes, steal items from yards, etc. A recommendation was made to trim the lower branches off trees, or add fencing or lighting, but there was disagreement over whether this should be the homeowners’ or the neighborhood’s responsibility.

Old Business

RRNA Porch Sale and Fair – Schweers thanked everyone who made this event a success.
See the meeting agenda (Exhibit C) or the RRNA website for a complete list of thank

Digital Billboard Ordinance Update (Schweers) – Attempts to get the billboard issue on
the City Council agenda failed. There will be a grassroots strategy meeting at
Conservation Society headquarters on 10/19. DeMartino and Witte-Howell plan to

Hike and Bike Trail (Campbell) – Campbell reported on the 10/15 River Oversight
Committee meeting, which followed the public input meeting on 10/8. It appears the
Catalpa-Pershing route will be recommended as the only viable route, a position
supported by the RRNA in the past. Discussion ensued on types of bikes and amenities needed for biking, and the
disruption these might cause. DeMartino stressed that Ave. A and the river
should be beautified and historicized, emphasizing birding and erecting historical
markers for the former San Antonio Waterworks sites, including the Catalpa-
Pershing ditch and the old pumphouse/Borglum studio.

Municipal Golf Association Update – Witte-Howell stressed that we need to stay on top
of golf course changes, as drainage in our neighborhood could be affected. One
suggestion was to find out who the architect is, and if he will work with us.

New Business

City Worker Killed on River Road — A City worker was killed trimming trees on River
Road in September, and a letter of condolence will be sent from the RRNA.
DeMartino moved that the RRNA donate $50.00 to the family and ask
neighbors via email and the website to send additional donations. The
motion was approved unanimously.

New District 1 Contact Person – Adam Greenup, our new District 1 contact person,
introduced himself. He reminded us that we should let Public Works know what our
needs are, so they can be included in projects being planned.
Requests from Board members and guests present included: the St. Mary’s/Trail
intersection, sidewalks and a crossing on Mulberry, and street repairs needed due
to sewer repair/manhole problems in the neighborhood. Schweers offered to
conduct a drive-through tour.


Mahncke Park home tour, Sunday, 10/21.

Miraflores Master Plan public input meeting, 10/23, 6:30 at Lions Field.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM.

Anne C. Larme, Secretary

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