RRNA Meeting Highlights — April 2008

The RRNA board and interested neighbors met on April 17 at Lions Field.  The bulk of the meeting was spent discussing the urgent concern of the golf course renovation and its effects on drainage in the River Road neighborhood.  Due to RRNA members’ efforts, the Municipal Golf Association-San Antonio (MGA-SA) has agreed to submit their plans for review, and the San Antonio River Authority (SARA) will do an unbiased before-after topographic analysis. 

  • The board approved the following motion:  That the RRNA request that the City of San Antonio require their contractor on the Brackenridge Golf Course to produce a digital flood analysis of drainages to the San Antonio River flood plain, based on a topographic analysis of conditions prior to construction, and on proposed topography for the golf course area.  The RRNA will also send a thank you letter to SARA for their support in this matter.

Another concern discussed was that, although plans for a sidewalk along the south side of Mulberry Ave. have been in existence for several years and are awaiting funding, the MGA-SA is already constructing a cement golf cart path that may interfere with these plans.  Several board members and neighbors agreed to meet to strategize how to address this concern with MGA-SA, the Parks Board, the City of San Antonio, and SARA.

Our April agenda included defining RRNA committees and interest groups, but we ran out of time to complete the discussion.  Stay tuned for a finalized list with chairs/contact persons, and start thinking about how you can get involved in your neighborhood.  Volunteers welcome! 

  • Existing and proposed committees/interest groups include: River Care, Traffic/Neighborhood Plan, Drainage, Brackenridge Park Garage, Events, Communications, Golf Course Renovation, Museum Reach Subcommittee, Bike Path/Sidewalk along Mulberry, Flood Lines and Maps, Bylaws, Membership, Hike and Bike Trails, Animal Control, and Neighborhood History.  RRNA also has affiliative representatives with Neighborhood Conservation District efforts, Kings Court, and the San Antonio River Oversight Committee.

All are welcome to attend the May 15 RRNA meeting at Lions Field — see you then!

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