Announcement: River Road Neighbors mailing list (Google Group)

The River Road Neighbors Google Group ( is an informal venue for discussion of River Road-related issues.You should have already received an invitation to join the group. Please email me if you did not and would like to join.

Note: Some have expressed concerns about the excess mail they are likely to receive if they join. This need not be the case: you may elect to receive a single email digest, once per day, and then only if there is activity that day. The digest would contain all of the traffic for that day, so even if there are 100 messages, you would still receive only one. Contact me directly if you would like me to enable this option for you.

UPDATE: Another benefit of having Google handle this mailing list is the fact that they will scan and clean any viruses or other potentially malicious programs from the mail before it ever reaches your mailbox.

This service is provided free by Google and is not affiliated with the RRNA.

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Michael Sullivan (

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