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June 2008 RRNA Meeting Highlights

The RRNA board and neighbors met on June 19 at Lion’s Field.  Meeting highlights:

  • A special presentation by Mike Dominguez, VIA Community Planner, who described VIA’s plans to develop Bus Rapid Transit in San Antonio.  The first route will run between downtown and the medical center along Fredericksburg Rd., and is scheduled to begin operating in 2012.
  • An update on plans to merge the SA Park Police with the SAPD by Amos Diaz, from the Park Police.  Mr. Diaz cautioned that this reduction in force would leave the perimeter of our neighborhood exposed, and requested that we contact our City Councilperson to protest.  The Board voted to voice our concerns in a letter to Councilperson Cisneros, copied to the entire council, the mayor and the city manager.
  • A report by Bill Sibley, chair of the newly created Neighborhood History Committee.  The City Archeologist will be invited to a future meeting to discuss the idea of restoring and marking the Spanish colonial acequias that run through our neighborhood.  (Update: This will happen at our July 24 meeting — see previous post.)
  • An update on 157 Magnolia Drive plans.  The Zoning Commission has ruled that the house is not historic and that demolition plans may proceed.  Owner Bill Morgan submitted a letter requesting that the neighborhood decide soon on Neighborhood Conservation District or Historic District status so that property owners have clear guidelines in the future.  While this process is facilitated by the City and is not a function of the RRNA, the board agreed to encourage the NCD/HD committee chair to move forward with the planning.
  • The Board assisted Events Committee Chair Lea Brogan in planning the neighborhood’s Fourth of July celebration.

Our next meeting is July 24 — all are welcome!