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September Board Meeting Highlights

The RRNA board and neighbors met on September 18 at Lions Field. Meeting highlights:

  • The board discussed the development of a comprehensive plan to improve the San Antonio River in our neighborhood, to encompass the intertwined issues of flooding and drainage, hike and bike trails, vegetation and riverbank restoration, and the proposed bird sanctuary. Developing this plan involves active participation in the Park Reach Subcommittee of the San Antonio River Oversight Committee, meeting with Charles Bartlett of the Parks Board, and coordinating with the Audubon society, Municipal Golf Association-San Antonio, and the San Antonio River Authority, among others.
  • The recent golf course renovation has had no negative effects on drainage in the 100 year floodplain which includes our neighborhood, according to a recently completed study by the San Antonio River Authority (SARA). The RRNA and SARA will continue to be vigilant as new buildings are constructed on the golf course.
  • The board made plans for National Night Out on October 7 and RRNA's annual Porch Sale and Fair on October 11 and 12. (See newsletter article for details.)
  • The RRNA is working to commemorate the Spanish colonial acequias that ran through our neighborhood, in coordination with the city archeologist and the Parks Department. We have been invited to submit a grant proposal to the Parks Department to fund restoration and/or historical markers.
  • The RRNA website is up and running again (
  • RRNA subcommittees and Neighborhood Affiliative Representatives were confirmed as follows:


  • Golf Course Renovation – Larry DeMartino, John Larcade, Roy Schweers,
  • Drainage – DeMartino, Schweers, Mike Sullivan, Barbara Witte-Howell
  • Bike Path/Mulberry Sidewalk – Larry Clark, Bill Sibley, Sally Boothe-Meredith
  • Communications – Nell Grover, Boothe-Meredith, Sullivan
  • Events – Lea Brogan, Augie Cortez
  • Brackenridge Park Garage – DeMartino
  • Traffic/Neighborhood Plan – Clark, Mimi Quintanilla
  • River Care – Clark, David Schmidt, Russ Smith
  • History – Sibley, Anne Larme
  • Neighborhood Affiliative Representatives

  • River Oversight Committee – Reed (alternate: DeMartino)
  • King's Court – Bob Buchanan (alternate: DeMartino)
  • Neighborhood Conservation District -- Larcade
  • All neighbors are welcome to attend RRNA meetings on the third Thursday of the month at 7 PM, Lions Field. Our next meeting is October 16.

Stray Animals

Debbie Allen, Manager of Field Operations, CoSA Animal Care Services ( addressed neighbors’ concerns about stray animals in the River Road neighborhood at our August RRNA meeting . She suggested the following actions if neighbors notice a stray animal problem:

  • Dog packs – Call 311. If there are many reports on the same dog pack, ACS will pick up the animals and euthanize immediately.
  • They cannot pick up dog packs and hold due to lack of space and vet rules.
  • Vicious dog – Email Debbie Allen if you notice a problem dog while biking, etc.
  • Cats – Not picked up because the city ordinance says they are not a nuisance. They will give the citizen a trap, and then they can be brought in.
  • Feral cat colony – One person must be responsible. All should be spayed/neutered, with an ear notch to signify. Release into the original territory or others will move in.
  • Neighbors who feed feral cats at their houses – They must turn it into a feral cat colony (per above) and their neighbors must be in agreement and not register complaints.
  • People who feed cats elsewhere (e.g. Ave. A) – Email Debbie Allen with specifics on where and when cats are fed. ACS staff will find the people feeding the cats and educate them about feral cat control.
  • Protest any disagreements with animal control ordinances with the District 1 City Councilperson.
  • Ms. Allen noted that ACS deals with stray dogs and cats only, and not wild animals unless they are rabid. Rabies is their priority. ACS officers drive past the old pound several times a day, and the River Road neighborhood several times a week, to check for abandoned dogs. She is starting an education team to do outreach with individuals and community groups to address this and other problems.

August Board Meeting

Following are the highlights from our August 21, 2008 River Road Neighborhood Association meeting.  (All are welcome to attend the 3rd Thursday of every month, 7 PM, Lion’s Field!)

  • Neighbors recently met with the Parks Department to lobby for a sidewalk along Mulberry Ave, and were told that it would be built within the next year.  Neighbors are requested to email District 1 Councilperson Cisneros to stress that the Mulberry sidewalk be a priority (  Also email our SAFFE officer to complain of speeding and other problems along Mulberry (
  • The RRNA’s efforts to monitor the effect of golf course renovations on drainage during major rainfalls have been successful, and the Municipal Golf Association-San Antonio has made some changes to improve drainage as a result.  The San Antonio River Authority conducted the drainage study, and also plans a follow-up study.
  • An ad hoc River Trails Design Subcommittee has been formed in order to create a comprehensive plan for development along the river in our neighborhood that will address the combined issues of flooding, hike and bike trails, vegetation, and the Audubon bird sanctuary.  This plan will be proposed to the River Oversight Committee.
  • The annual RRNA Porch Sale and Fair will take place on October 11-12.  The National Night Out event on October 7 will double as our pre-event neighborhood party.
  • The RRNA has received an $8,000 grant from the Green Spaces Alliance for a Community Garden.  Preliminary plans for the garden will be distributed soon via email.  Plans are for a late September kick-off.
  • Neighbors are requested to remove garbage and recycling cans from the street promptly after pick-up.


Annual River Road Porch Sale and Fair

The Annual RRNA Porch Sale and Fair will be October 11 (9 AM-4 PM) and October 12 (9 AM-2 PM).

For newcomers in the neighborhood, the annual event is sponsored by the River Road Neighborhood Association as its only fundraiser but is really more for fun than funds. It offers residents an opportunity to hold a yard sale without having to get a permit or do their own advertising because the association does that for them and, of course, charges a small fee. To enter the sale, one must be a member of the association. Annual dues of $5.00 per residence are due every March at the annual RRNA membership meeting, but those who don’t pay at that time can do so at the fair. Volunteers walk the ‘hood making those collections. In addition to the yard sales, the weekend has become more and more of a fair with other activities on the agenda.

More details about the yard sale and fair will be forthcoming as they develop.

Nell Grover, RRNA communications committee

Community Garden Workday

Announcing First Monthly (every 3rd Saturday of the month) River Road Community Garden Workday
See attached FLYER

This Saturday
Garden Site
Allison & Huisache
8:00 am – 12:00 noon
September 20th ALL WELCOME

The workday task is to start clearing the garden site. We will be pulling weeds, thrashing bamboo, hauling trash, trimming grass…… If you have tools for digging and weeding bring them! A gas powered weed eater is especially needed.

Note that a signed release form is required before working in the garden and will be provided on site for you to fill out. For workers under the age of 17, there is an additional form to be signed by their parent/guardian.

Please RSVP to or call Roy at 563.3020 so we can estimate the amount of water to provide.


River Road Community Garden Workday Flyer (PDF)

Board Meeting

River Road Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting Agenda
Lion’s Club Fieldhouse

September 18, 2008

7:00 PM

Board Members: Sally Boothe-Meredith, Lea Brogan, Larry Clark, Augie Cortez, Larry DeMartino, Nell Grover, Anne Larme (Secretary), Mimi Quintanilla (Vice-Chair), Richard Reed (Chair), Bill Sibley, Michael Sullivan

Treasurer: Ed Piner

1. Call to order
2. Approval of Minutes
3. Committee Reports
1. Traffic/Neighborhood Plan: South Mulberry Sidewalk (L. Clark)
2. Drainage (L. DeMartino)
3. ROC – Park Reach Subcommittee (R.Reed)
4. Neighborhood Yard Sale: (L. Brogan)
5. Communications (S. Boothe-Meredith, M. Sullivan)
6. Neighborhood History Committee (B. Sibley)
4. Old Business
1. RRNA Board Subcommittees and representatives
2. River Road Community Garden Sponsorship
5. New business
6. Treasurer’s Report
7. Adjournment