Stray Animals

Debbie Allen, Manager of Field Operations, CoSA Animal Care Services ( addressed neighbors’ concerns about stray animals in the River Road neighborhood at our August RRNA meeting . She suggested the following actions if neighbors notice a stray animal problem:

  • Dog packs – Call 311. If there are many reports on the same dog pack, ACS will pick up the animals and euthanize immediately.
  • They cannot pick up dog packs and hold due to lack of space and vet rules.
  • Vicious dog – Email Debbie Allen if you notice a problem dog while biking, etc.
  • Cats – Not picked up because the city ordinance says they are not a nuisance. They will give the citizen a trap, and then they can be brought in.
  • Feral cat colony – One person must be responsible. All should be spayed/neutered, with an ear notch to signify. Release into the original territory or others will move in.
  • Neighbors who feed feral cats at their houses – They must turn it into a feral cat colony (per above) and their neighbors must be in agreement and not register complaints.
  • People who feed cats elsewhere (e.g. Ave. A) – Email Debbie Allen with specifics on where and when cats are fed. ACS staff will find the people feeding the cats and educate them about feral cat control.
  • Protest any disagreements with animal control ordinances with the District 1 City Councilperson.
  • Ms. Allen noted that ACS deals with stray dogs and cats only, and not wild animals unless they are rabid. Rabies is their priority. ACS officers drive past the old pound several times a day, and the River Road neighborhood several times a week, to check for abandoned dogs. She is starting an education team to do outreach with individuals and community groups to address this and other problems.

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