October Board Meeting

River Road Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting Agenda

Lion’s Club Fieldhouse

October 16, 2008
7:00 PM

Board Members: Sally Boothe-Meredith, Lea Brogan, Larry Clark, Augie Cortez, Larry DeMartino, Nell Grover, Anne Larme (Secretary), Mimi Quintanilla (Vice-Chair), Richard Reed (Chair), Bill Sibley, Michael Sullivan
Treasurer: Ed Piner

I. Call to order

II. Approval of Minutes

III. Committee Reports
1. Neighborhood Yard Sale: (L. Brogan)
2. ROC – Park Reach Subcommittee (R. Reed)
3. Neighborhood History Committee (B. Sibley)
4. Traffic/Neighborhood Plan: South Mulberry Sidewalk (L. Clark)
5. Drainage (L. DeMartino)
6. Communications (S. Boothe-Meredith, M. Sullivan)

IV. Old Business
1. River Road Community Garden

V. New business
1. BRAC Growth Management Plan
2. Neighborhood impact of Rock N’ Roll marathon
3. Jill Smith’s Memorial
1. Contribution to Humane Society
2. Tree Planting – Saturday, 10 AM

Treasurer’s Report

VI. Adjournment

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