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June 18, 2009 RRNA Meeting Highlights

  • The RRNA is receiving responses to its April memo re: drainage issues (see previous website postings). Nefi Garza of the San Antonio River Authority will be invited to a future RRNA meeting to update us.
  • The bidding process for the Park Reach portion of the hike and bike trail has been slow, delaying construction. The River Oversight Committee/Park Reach Subcommittee will use the delay to consult with local experts on the bird sanctuary and river restoration along Avenue A.
  • The San Antonio Zoo plans to construct a wastewater treatment plant, which will reduce pollution in the San Antonio River.
  • Nell Grover was officially appointed as Chair of the Bylaws Committee.
  • Community Garden Update: Planting beds are now prepared and ready for planting fall crops in early August.
  • Report to the RRNA from the neighborhood’s Zoning Overlay Committee (John Larcade, Chair): A representative from the City of San Antonio’s Office of Historic Preservation will come on July 8 to discuss the process for becoming a Historic District. All neighbors will be notified via flyer and email. The meeting will be held at Lions Field.
  • The neighborhood’s 4th of July parade will start at 9:30 AM. All households will be notified of the festivities via flyer and email.
  • The next RRNA meeting will be on July 16, 7 PM, at Lions Field. All are welcome!

A Conversation with Marilyn Lanfear

You Are Invited

A Conversation with Marilyn Lanfear at the San Antonio Museum of Art
200 West Jones Ave.
Tuesday, July 7, 2009, 6:30 pm
Auditorium. Free.

Please join David S. Rubin, The Brown Foundation Curator for Contemporary Art at SAMA for his public conversation with artist Marilyn Lanfear.

In her art, Lanfear “uses personal symbols, familiar materials, and imagery culled from everyday life to tell stories.” She will show photographs of her past and present works.

Lanfear lives and works in the RR neighborhood.

May RRNA Meeting Highlights

Our May RRNA meeting was low-key, as both our Chair (Richard Reed) and Vice-Chair (Larry Clark) were absent, but here are a few highlights:

  • A letter summarizing the April 14 meeting to address drainage issues in our area of the city,* and calling for a moratorium on all projects until issues of River Road neighborhood flooding are addressed, was sent by Reed to the appropriate government officials. [*See April 16 Meeting Highlights on RRNA website.]
  • Another house has been demolished in the neighborhood, this time on Trail St. This is another cautionary note that we need to get protections in place for the neighborhood via Historic District or Neighborhood Conservation District status. A committee to explore this possibility has been meeting [NOTE: this process is separate from the RRNA]. Board members volunteered to communicate urgency to Zoning Overlay Committee Chair John Larcade.
  • RRNA committee chairs who are not board members are requested to attend the monthly RRNA meeting or send a representative.
  • Work on our community garden progresses. Compost has been spread, and water spigots have been installed, thanks to a donation by Councilperson Cisneros. Check it out!
  • A neighborhood crime report link has been added to the RRNA website.
  • The RRNA is planning a July 4th celebration, organized by Lea Brogan and Diane Briseno. Volunteers welcome!

Our next RRNA meeting is June 18, 7 PM, at Lions Field – all are welcome!