June 18, 2009 RRNA Meeting Highlights

  • The RRNA is receiving responses to its April memo re: drainage issues (see previous website postings). Nefi Garza of the San Antonio River Authority will be invited to a future RRNA meeting to update us.
  • The bidding process for the Park Reach portion of the hike and bike trail has been slow, delaying construction. The River Oversight Committee/Park Reach Subcommittee will use the delay to consult with local experts on the bird sanctuary and river restoration along Avenue A.
  • The San Antonio Zoo plans to construct a wastewater treatment plant, which will reduce pollution in the San Antonio River.
  • Nell Grover was officially appointed as Chair of the Bylaws Committee.
  • Community Garden Update: Planting beds are now prepared and ready for planting fall crops in early August.
  • Report to the RRNA from the neighborhood’s Zoning Overlay Committee (John Larcade, Chair): A representative from the City of San Antonio’s Office of Historic Preservation will come on July 8 to discuss the process for becoming a Historic District. All neighbors will be notified via flyer and email. The meeting will be held at Lions Field.
  • The neighborhood’s 4th of July parade will start at 9:30 AM. All households will be notified of the festivities via flyer and email.
  • The next RRNA meeting will be on July 16, 7 PM, at Lions Field. All are welcome!

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