Portraits From River Road


by Bill Sibley

The Neighborhood History Committee of the River Road Neighborhood Association came up with a plan to slowly but surely begin attempting interviews with every single resident of our community to “get their stories down.” Where did you come from? How long have you been here? Tell us about your house? What do you love (and not love) about River Road? Got any favorite tales from the nabe you’d care to share? We’re very interested in knowing more about our unique history and getting the “personal touch” input from each and every one of you. Myself, Anne Larme, Nell Grover, Sally Booth-Meredith and other volunteers (Don’t be shy! Let us know if you’d like to help out on this project) will be contacting you…eventually. Have patience—we will get to you!

Portraits from River Road: The Rosengrens

Portraits from River Road: Carolyn “Ditty” Kindervater


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